Retail and Product Partners

Below is a list of our retail and product partners.

Anglia Clipper Services

A family run business offering sale and repair services to most popular makes of clippers from well equipped workshops and with special testing equipment.

Website: AngliaClipperServices.com

Contact: neil@angliaclipperservices.com



Lemieux offer, luxury equestrian products for both horse and rider. From gorgeous matching saddle pads and fly veils to comfortable jodhpurs and baselayers, there really is something for everyone.

Website: www.lemieuxproducts.com

Contact: info@horsehealth.co.uk



The largest producers of horseboxes and trailers in the UK, Equi-Trek provide the ultimate in horse transportation by an experienced family team of horse lovers. Together with their team of qualified designers and engineers, the upmost priority is given to the safety, well-being and comfort of the travelling horse.

Website: www.equi-trek.com

Contact: 0114 288 4411



Proven, award winning technology from the founders of air vests, the hit-air vest is designed as a shock buffering, stabilising system in the event of a fall. It gives added protection to the neck, spine, collar bones, lower back, rib cage and vital organs.

Website: www.hitairuk.co.uk

Contact: info@hitairuk.co.uk


The Equestrian Index

The leading UK equestrian directory, The Equestrian Index represents the largest collection of business data and contact information for the UK equestrian market. Helping you find what you want, when and where you want it.

Website: www.equestrianindex.com

Contact: enquiries@equestrianindex.com


The Equine Edge

Carefully formulated supplementary products using a blend of high quality amino acids, vitamins, herbs and minerals. Their belief that providing the horses body with essential nutrients is the key to normal biological functions and in turn will get the best output from your horse. 

Website: www.theequineedge.co.uk

Contact: info@theequineedge.co.uk


Everything Horse 

Online horse news and magazine website. Packed with equestrian news, training articles, advice, blogs, classifieds and more, there really is something for everyone in the horsey world! 

Website: www.everythinghorseuk.co.uk

Contact: contact@everythinghorseuk.co.uk